Health & Safety

Ensuring a safe workplace for all employees.The health and safety of our employees is paramount to our business. All persons including contractor who come to work on our company advised by HR department about the safety environment.

We monitor our safety performance continuously through safety officers. Involving input from all sections of the workforce.

The type of workplace checks include.

• Job observations by all levels of the business, including senior management.
• Work order observations carried out by planners and other office staff.
• Workplace inspections in all areas of the business involving all employees including administration.

Health & Safety is One Crucial Area of the Company. It’s a workers right to work in a safe environment free from hazards & conductive to increasing productivity then building a safer workplace is an ongoing task requiring the participation of management & employees in a bipartite model based on knowledge and effective actions to eliminate hazards & reduce risk.

According to the factories ordinance no 45 of 1942 we conducted several training programs for all staff .with supporting provincial safety engineer.

We have provided safety uniforms with different colors for each an every departments and provided safety shoes & boots for every worker. Already we are provided lot of safety items as gloves, dust mask, goggles, safety helmets, safety belts with considering the working area.

Managing incidents
Our employees are involved in incident management on a day-to-day basis and are required to adhere to a strict process when conducting incident investigations.

Identifying and managing risks
We provide hazard identification and risk management training to our employees each year.

Looking ahead
We will strive to continually improve safety across our site and maintain our commitment to the harmonized work health and safety laws. We also look to introduce our employees its introduction during the 2014 financial year due to further inclusions required to be made to its structure before its implementation. We have done boiler testing & other equipment licensed on time before we start the functions and insured all members.