Our Cultivation
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At the end of the financial year, we have 4009.8 ha of cultivated sugarcane lands in 5 major zones namely Varipathanchena, Galmaduwa, Hingurana, Neeththa, Deegawapiya and this will increase about 3,601 ha if we considered our existing agronomy nursery. Our company has planned a target of 1,300 ha for the cultivation for the year 2015 and we proud to mention that we have achieved 563.7351 ha. Further 535 ha of new planting have been planned for the next season of 2015 in addition to the cultivated lands that we have at present. Land preparations have already been started and considerable extent of sugarcane planting activities is also been completed. We expect to expand the cultivated land up to 4,850 ha in year 2016/17 .

Sugarcane Nursery

Agronomy Division of GOPL has been producing seed cane and conducting research on various aspects of sugar cane agriculture in collaboration with SRI. The division maintains over 54 SRI sugarcane clones as a source of future planting material and trial programs. The nursery area consists of 201.37 ha.

Outcomes for Year Ending 31 March 2020

• Harvested (commercial/seed) a total of 254,244.64 MT of cane.

• A total of 2,102 ha of new planting has completed, and
  5,311 ha of existing cane land area.

• Provided a farmer credit facility for cultivation @ 6.5 % p.a. Interest rate
  facilitated by Smallholder Agribusiness Partnership Programme (SAPP).

• Provided an Equipment grant value of Rs. 34,500 per farmer facilitated
  by SAPP.

Targets for Year Ending 31 March 2021

• Harvest(commercial/seed) 414,975 MT of cane