Gal-Oya Plantations (Pvt) Ltd is consists of 7,659 ha of plantation land with approximately 5,200 ha of cultivatable extent allotted amongst 4,400 families. We are paying regular attention on their living standards and their social activities, weddings, Funerals as well as needs of the other community in the area. We are supporting to the religious, Cultural and Government Institutions to provide better services.

1. Health Care Blood Donation Campaign:
The Human resource of an organization consists of all people who perform its activities. Managing Human Resources is the main implement for the success of any organization and the fact is same to the Gal-Oya Plantations (Pvt) Ltd.

Blood donation campaign was conducted through Ampara General Hospital on 21st January 2013 at Gal-Oya Plantations. 115 company employees were donated their blood on this day.
Our company was awarded under the country’s best 100 blood campaign organizer in the country for the year. Also, we were awarded as best blood donation campaign organizer in Ampara District for the year. These awards were presented by His Excellency, the President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha at the President’s House.

Maintenance in Hospital:

Ceiling fans of Damana Divisional Hospital were repaired.

Religious Temple

Several construction and rehabilitation works have done in following area,

• Vehicle Garage for Hingurana Uththara Jayamaha Viharaya has been constructed on December 2012.
• Done several rehabilitations work in Hingurana Uththara Jayamaha Viharaya.
• Contributed to repair some arts work of Hingurana Uththara Jayamaha Viharaya.
• Donated 50 nos CFL bulb to the Degawapiya Temple.

Water Supply

The Basic need of the water is regularly providing for Funeral & wedding of the village.