Our People

HR Review

Human Resource is the most voluble and live resource among the resources in this world.

The Human resource of an organization consists of all people who perform its activities. Managing Human Resources is the main implement for the success of any organization and the fact is same to the Gal-Oya Plantations (Pvt) Ltd.

Focus of our HRM Department

Our HRM focus should always be maintaining and ideally expending the customer base while maintaining and ideally maximizing the profit. HRM department has whole lot to do with in this focus regardless of the size of the business or the products we are trying to sell.

Our HRM Department is involved in managing the human resources with the focus on expending customer base that gives a profit to the company. The bottom line of the company is the focus of the HRM Department as well as the function.

The activities of HRM Department

The activities done by our HRM Department falls under four major domains.

• Organizational design
• Staffing
• Employee and organizational development
• Reward systems, Benefits and Compliance

Acquiring human resources capability should begin with organizational designs and analysis. Organizational development involves the arrangements of work tasks based on the interaction of the people. HRM activities such as Human resources planning, job and work analysis, Organizational recruiting, job design, Team building, computerization and work machine interfaces fall under this domain.

Recruitment, employee orientation, selection, promotion and termination are among the activities are fit into the staffing domain.

Employee training and development programs are concerned with establishing, foresting and maintaining employee skills based on organizational end employee working.

Reword system, benefits and compliance have to do with any type of reward or benefit that may be available to employees.