Factory Tour
Photograph taken by: National Airviews, Inc.

The evaporation system operation in the plant is the fivefold effect, not only for the white line, but also for the raw line. The operation is quite simple because the entrance and exit conditions, level of each evaporator, and extraction of vegetable vapor toward the exterior are established.

The evaporation is carried out in Roberts type evaporators in which the vapor and juice are found in separate chambers that flow in the same direction. The juice goes from one evaporator to another with pumps known as “of transfer”. The global control of an evaporator is executed through the stabilization of five very important factors:

• The concentration of the final product
• The absolute pressure in the last body
• The vapor and juice feeding to the first evaporator
• Removal of condensates and airborne gasification
• The embedding control in each evaporator